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     Useful information About the Library


    Welcome to the Library at the ELMC&H Campus of the ERA University.


    In this handbook, you will find some details which may be useful to you as you start your studies. There is a range of material available in the Library, both online and in print format, and, understandably, you may feel a little daunted by the task of finding and using this information.


    But, don't worry. The staff in the Library will assist you with solving any problems you may come across. Please do not hesitate to ask for any help you need


    Opening hours


    During term time the Library is open as follows:

    Monday to Saturday 8.00 am – 12.00might night

    Sunday 10:00a.m to 4:00p.m.

    During vacations the opening hours will be different.

    Look out for notices detailing these changes on Library Notice Board.

    Contact phone number

    Library Desk: 0522-  (Ext.205)


    Borrowing Limits


    MBBS Students                      2 text = 2 items for one week (7days)

    MS&MDS Students                2 text +1 Reference = 3 item for one week

    Faculty                                    3 text +1 Reference = 4 items for one week

    Non teaching Staff                                                    = 1 text Items

    Periodical/Magazine         = will be issued only for Xerox (maximum time limit 30min.)


    Some books in the Library are designated as ‘Library Copy’ (they must be used in the Library only).

    These titles can, however, be borrowed overnight (taken after 10.00pm and returned by 10.00am the next day).


    Users will be asked to show their College ID or give their personal mobile no. each time they wish to borrow library materials. They will also sign in the book issue register



     In order to ensure that our stock is used effectively, we do charge fines when items are not returned on time. These are as follows:

    Rs. 05 per day for loan materials.

    Rs. 20 per day for reference books

    Rs. 50 per day for overnight books

    Rs. 100 for Lost or Damage ID card


    Please note that borrowing privileges may be withdrawn if you have any outstanding fines


    Damaged or lost books/periodicals


    If any book or periodical is damaged or lost, the borrower will have to replace the item or pay double the cost of items. If a volume from a multi volume set is lost or damaged the price of the whole set will be charged, unless the individual volume can be obtained separately, in which case the cost of the particular volume will be recovered.


    Help in the Library


    Students will usually find the Librarian in the Library during opening hours.

    Please do not hesitate to contact the Librarian if you have a problem or a query pertinent to the library or learning resources. He will be happy to help.  If we are unable to provide a ready response we will try to answer your query within 24 hours.


    The ELMC&H Library Web Pages


    To access the ELMC&H Library web pages when you log on to a PC, you will need to open Internet Explorer and use the address shown on page 07


    The ELMC&H Library web pages provide easy access to a wealth of online information including:

    The ELMC&H Library Catalogue;

    Open Athens (Access electronic resources);

    Web mail (your free email account);

    Subject resources web pages (invaluable links to online resources specific to the subject you are studying);

    Access to Electronic resources (links to the e-journals portal, e-books and subject specific databases);

    Publications (downloadable copies of all our printed help guides and workbooks);

    ERA’s-ISSTO (ERA’s Interactive Study Skills Tutorial Online): an easily digested set of tutorials designed to provide all the study skills you need to make the most of your time studying with the Campus.









    The Library Code of Conduct


    The Library wants users to get the maximum benefit from using our services and seeks to provide an enjoyable and pleasant environment in which to do so: friendly, safe, secure and relaxed.


    This code of conduct is a general statement covering the expected behaviour of users of the Library. You should also make yourselves familiar with and abide by the rules and regulations

    covering the use of computers, software and the academic network.


    Thank you for your co-operation.


    Acceptance of the code is implicit in signing the college’s Regulations as part of your enrolment. It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the code and to observe it.




    You should carry your Student ID card at all times - this is a Campus requirement.


    You must show your Student ID card to staff when requested - failure to do so means you may be asked to leave the premises.


    It is unacceptable to allow someone else to use your Student ID card to gain access to the University premises.


    Students should notify the college of any Changes of address, name or course by informing a member of administrative staff.


    Such information is vital to The Library.


    Safety and Security


    To ensure the security of you and your belongings to keep them with you at all times. (Unattended items may be removed);


    Ensure that you pack up your belongings and leave the Library before closing time.


    Opening hours


    Please be aware of the opening hours of the Library;

    You have no right of access outside of the advertised opening hours;

    Stop using the facilities and leave promptly when asked to do so by Library staff or other authorized




    Library Environment


    Be aware that the Library is designated for private and silent study;

    Clear your study space when you leave and put all rubbish in bins in order to maintain a clean Environment; Return books, journals and all other items used in the Library to the correct place.




    Treat the Library staff and other users with respect and courtesy;

    Refrain from shouting, using abusive, discriminatory, indecent or offensive language, comments and/or behaviour, verbal or physical harassment;


    N.B. Library staff will not tolerate any form of Abusive behavior.



    Talking should be kept to a minimum in all areas of the Library; Avoid all unnecessary noise and disturbance in the computer area of the Library.


    Mobile phones


    Mobile phones must be switched off, or at least set to silent mode before entering the Library. Mobile phones can be used for texting, but you must be outside the Library to talk on your phone; You are not permitted to recharge your mobile phone within the Library.



    Eating and drinking


    Eating and drinking is prohibited in all areas of the Library.



    Library transactions


    No transactions may be undertaken without your Stu-dent ID card;


    Use of the Student ID card is strictly non-transferable;


    You are responsible at all times for any transactions on your Student ID card;


    You are responsible for all materials that have been issued to you - do not lend these to anyone else as you are responsible for all items on your record;


    Treat all library materials with due respect and care.


    You must not write, highlight or underline in books and you must not mutilate items;


    Renew loans or return them within the specified time;


    Return all borrowed items as quickly as possible so that they may be available for other users;


    Failure to pay outstanding charges may result in with-drawal of services or the withholding of awards.


    Theft and vandalism


    When you leave the Library make sure that all the books or other materials that you are carrying have been properly issued to you;


    If you are found in possession of material that has not been issued to you, this will be treated as a serious breach of the code of conduct;


    Refrain from misusing or damaging any furniture or equipment;


    If you discover that property belonging to the College has been vandalized, report it to a member of staff immediately;


    Vandalism of any college property or premises is subject to disciplinary action.


    Computing facilities


    You are bound by the Regulations for use of Computing Facilities when using all computing and networked facili-ties and external electronic resources Specifically you may not:


    Download or install any unwanted information/programs/ materials in the Library or other IT facilities;


    Violation of this rule will attract stiff penalties, perhaps including suspension.


    Use another person's computing account;

    Let others use your computing account;

    Make excess noise in computing rooms/areas;

    Create, display, store, produce or circulate offensive material;

    Tamper with or move equipment or software

    Unplug any computer or interfere with the operation of any computing system;

    Knowingly introduce viruses on to the computer




    Play computer games;

    Connect electronic equipment to the power supply without permission.



    ·         The Librarian has the right to recall a book that is on loan, at his discretion.


    ·         The Librarian is authorized to terminate the Library membership of any user, if they are found guilty of violating the Code of Conduct.



    'Library' terms explained


    (Terms we use that you may not be familiar with)


    Bibliography: a list (usually at the end of a piece of academic work) of materials which you have consulted or read


    Catalogue: a list of all the materials (books, journals etc.) held in the library


    Class(ification) Number: the number assigned to an item to tell you where to find it on the shelf


    Crib sheet: an A4 sheet giving basic information to help you get started with an activity or process


    Dewey Decimal Classification: how the books in the library are organised (each subject area is given a number)


    Electronic resources: books and journals which are not available in print, but can be accessed via a PC


    Filing Letters: the three letter code after a class number.

    This represents the first three letters of the author’s name, or the first three letters of the title


    ID Card: your Campus ID card, which is also your Library card

    Issuing: borrowing a book from the library


    Journal: a publication containing articles (usually of an academic nature) - sometimes called a periodical


    OPAC: an online library catalogue


    Open Athens: a system we use which verifies your identity, and allows you access to electronic resources both from inside and

    outside the University


    Password: a sequence of letters/numbers used in conjunction with your username to gain access to the computer network (only you know what this is)


    Periodical: Publication containing articles (usually of an academic nature) – sometimes called a journal


    Username: the letters and numbers you use to log on to the

    computer network (e.g. dd7hss)


    Workbook: introduction to a topic, with exercises and activities to help you

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