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    |||Most items in the Library can be borrowed for one week. The Library also stocks one day loan items. Popular titles are placed in the 'High Demand' collection which is a 1 day loan.

    You can quickly identify how long you can keep an item for by the colour of the spine label or by looking inside the front cover of a book:

    Loan periods for library items

    1 week loans


    1Day loans


    You will need your Student or Staff ID card to borrow an item from the library. Some books can be borrowed.

    Any combination of 2 items.

    Any combination of 3 items.

    Faculty & Researchers
    Any combination of 5 items.

    College staff
    Any combination of 1 items.

    With in the Library
    No Limit.
     Some items have restrictions. These include:

    Reference Collection

    The Reference Collection contains general reference books, such as dictionaries, encyclopaedia and directories as well as some statistical reference material.

    High Demand Collection

    High Demand is a collection of heavily requested items. These items are 1 day loan. 

    Theses Collection

    The Library has a collection of selected student theses. They are kept as separate collection and may be borrowed within the Library.

    Journals Collection All journals in the Library are for reference only. However, you can photocopy articles from them 

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