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       Online Database

      Journal based searching on Pro-quest Medical database.

      This tutorial is interactive to maximize learning recall, following the prompts as we go.

       This module will cover finding holding information that’s the coverage, formate, embargos and full text information for the journals in our subscribed Pro-quest.

      It will also help us to find a specific Journal and give us tips on browsing, searching and setting up an e-mail also.


      This is publication search screen. Your position within the database is indicated by the orange highlighted top,

      before we start looking at finding individual for, do note the link in the top half corner called database selected.

      Clicking this link will take us a list of the separate pro-quest database.

      We here access to within IP address or on individual password  its depend on organization subscription

      We can find further content information here and also limit and to the database of you



      From this screen we can find out the holding information for each journal.

      Full text coverage is indicated by a page icon next to the Journal Title.

      Next to this icon, we will see the  coverage dates where embargos have been set by the publisher, pro-quest has provided us with details of the delay.

      It  we see a Journal title listed without coverage database, this means it has abstract and indexed content only.


      To find a specified Journal we can either use the alphabetical list or type your keywords into the searching box.

      This will search Journal Title only



    Hints & Tips 

      Some Hints & Tips

      The AND Boolean operation is atomically added between your words

      We can use the OR operation for example Management OR surgery


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    Clic here : Online Journals 



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