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       Library Rules

     Timing Rules

    • Library remains open from 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 midnight.
    • Books are issued and received back from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00pm.
    • Library services closed during 1.00pm. to 2.00p.m for  lunch break. 


    Membership Rules 

    • ERA’s Library is primarily meant for students, faculty & Administrative Staff.
    • Each faculty member is issued 5 textbooks. against library cards for a period of a week while reference       books against the card for a period of one day only.

    • Each student member is issued two textbook for one  week against the library card. 

    Circulation Rules 

      Borrowing facilities are given only to the member of  the library against library card issued to them.

      Books are issued through the counters; on presenting the library ticket The borrower cards are non  transferable.

      New additions can be issued only after  Completion  of technical processing· (Accessioning,       classification, cataloguing and clearance of bills),

       Journal. Magazines, CD's and floppies are not issued.

      Maiden copy of any document will not be issued; the same can only be consulted within the library.

      All members of the library should get the 'No Dues

      Report' from the library before they leave the college

      The holder of the ticket is responsible for any book 

      Issued against his/her ticket, as per the library record

      News paper are not allowed to be taken out of the  library on the same day. Periodicals will not be

      issued to any member of the library

      Under special circumstances project reports may be issued to students for two days on

      recommendation of the concerned Head 'of Department.

      New arrivals of books will be listed on the notice  board and kept· on display in the display shelf,

      meant for new arrivals, for a week. Afterwards it will be available for borrowing.

      For renewing, it is necessary that the book be  presented at the counter, renewal is not automatic. If

      there is a pending request for the book, the request for renewal may be turned down by the library.

      Librarian can recall material after..2 weeks of issue Material to be placed on reserve may be recalled any time.

      If a book is not retuned in the stipulated, the member  will be charged a penalty of RS.5//per

      day per volume first two after that Rs. 10/- will be charged. In case of overnight book, the

      penalty be Rs. 50/- per day per volume. The fine should be paid at the library books return

      counter and a valid receipt should be obtained.

      The librarian can refuse to issue books to members possessing books overdue.

      If a member loses a book issued against his/her  ticket. The penalty Will be as follows.

      He/she will have to replace the book lost In addition, he/she will pay a fine equivalent to the cost book depending on the book lost.

      if the book is not easily available in the  market, then the amount double the current cost of the   

      book or the cost at which the book was procured, whichever is more will be charged.

      If a member loses his/her borrower's ticket. He/she shall make an immediate written report to the librarian. He/she can get the first duplicate ticket on payment of Rs. 50/subsequent duplicate tickets can be obtained by paying Rs. 100/- for second & Rs. 200/- for third duplicate ticket and so on 

    General Rules: 

      All library users must sign in/out register available with the attendant at the gate.

       Users should· maintain peace in the library and should not disturb others. Smoking/ eating/talking/chewing is strictly prohibited in the library. 

       While entering the library, users should leave their personal belongings such as bags, personal books, helmets etc. at the property counter and a token will be issued. However, purses, calculators and such other costly items should not be left at counter. 

       Users of the library should not deface, mark, cut, mutilates or damage the reading material in any way. Persons doing so are liable to be fined heavily, .apart from being asked to pay the cost of the damage. 1n case a person repeats the offence second time, his/her library tickets would be impounded and the membership terminated summarily.

      You must show your Student ID card  to library 

      staff when requested - failure to do so means you may be asked to leave the premises 

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