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       Mission & Goal
    In our daily work, we adhere to the principles of  fairness and equality, and we believe that each user of  the Library is unique and important. We aspire to provide the best possible patron experience while maintaining a comfortable, welcoming and secure place for study, research, work, reflection and interaction. We anticipate and contribute to scholarly inquiry and embrace our role as collectors and custodians of the intellectual record. We do so with the following in mind:

    Goal & Object

      Develop a culture of continuous improvement through ongoing assessment of Library activities and programs.

      Provide physical and digital environments that advance research and education.

      Recruit, develop, and retain exceptional staff committed to our service culture and philosophy.

      Develop information resources and services that support research and education.

      Build collaborations to support faculty and graduate and undergraduate student scholarly publishing.

      Provide leadership and support for College initiatives and priorities.

      Effectively market the Library's information resources and services to all the Library's communities.


      We respect our Library colleagues, the faculty, students, staff and other users of the Library.  We respect the materials and collections  in all formats that we manage and to which we provide access and preserve. We respect diversity of opinion and thought at ERA. We respect individuality and the right to privacy.


      We support multiple ways for staff to broaden skills and increase knowledge and understanding of library workflows and operations. We fulfill a willingness and desire of our staff to learn new skills and gain new knowledge by providing professional development opportunities through the Library, the College and other venues. We share a commitment with the College to lifelong education of alumni. We promote the Library as both a real and virtual extended classroom.


      We maintain a commitment to open, free access to all resources for all members of the ELMC. We strive to minimize the barriers to information and continually improve access for our users. We readily and openly provide information resources to our users, regardless of technology, format, or methods of delivery. We provide access to a national and international network of information for our community.   

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    Era Medical College & Hospital Sarfraz Ganj Hardoi Road - Lucknow Tel: +91 (0)522 900600 Email: