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       Glossary Of Library Terms

    Words we use that you may not be familiar with: 


    A list (usually at the end of a piece of academic work) of materials which you have consulted or read


    A wireless internet service which allows you to use your laptop anywhere within the
    University of Bolton


    Our electronic database of all the materials (books, journals, DVDs etc.) held in the Library

     Class(ification) Number

    The number assigned to an item to tell you where to find it on the shelves

     Crib sheet

    An A4 sheet giving basic information to help you get started with an activity or process

     Dewey Decimal Classification

    How the books in the library are arranged on the shelves (each subject area is given a number)

     Electronic Resources

    Books and journals which are not available in print, but can be accessed via a PC

     Filing Letters

    The three letter code after a class number. This represents the first three letters of the author's name, or the first three letters of the title

     ID Card

    Your University ID card, which is also your Library Card

     Inter Library Loan

    If there is a book or journal which we do not have in our library, we can obtain it from somewhere else for you


    Borrowing a book from the library


    Publication containing articles (usually of an academic nature) – sometimes called a periodical


    The online library catalogue (Online Public Access Catalogue)

     Electronic Resources Login

    Point at which you will be asked to verify your identity allowing you to access to electronic resources both from inside and outside the university


    A sequence of numbers/letters used in conjunction with your username to allow you access to the computer network


    Publication containing articles (usually of an academic nature) – sometimes called a journal

     Print Quota

    The amount of money you have available for printing from the computers and


    The process which allows you to request a book you want when all the copies are out on loan

     Self Issue Machine

    The machine which allows you to borrow, renew and return your library books without any help from the library staff


    The unique set of letters and numbers which, when used in conjunction with your password, allows you access to the computer network

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